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This wiki can be useful in answering single questions or pointing you to good sources of information for multiple, related questions, like those you might get with your homework. But this wiki will not solve all your homework problems for you. Homework exists to help you learn the subject. If you already know the subject, then the homework should be easy. If you don't then homework helps you learn what you need to know, so you can pass the tests and use it when you need it later in life.

If you don't learn arithmetic, it will be hard for you to balance a checkbook or create a budget. If you don't learn how to write, it will be hard to create a cover letter or resume, and even harder to work in a creative career, like writing for TV or game design.

This wiki can help you answer some questions, but most people looking for homework help, don't say enough about what they are studying. If you're studying fractions, the right answer to a question is different than when the teacher is asking questions to see if you learned how to do long division yet.

Some good resources for help with your homework include

  • your teachers
  • your textbook
  • your parents
  • your classmates
  • other books from the library, the Web or a bookstore (start by asking the librarian for help)
  • older friends and siblings